New Garage doors

Below are the types of insulation and an R-Value chart. Not only is an insulated garage door energy efficient, there are many advantages that come along with it.  If your garage is attached to your house like most are, insulating it can mean immediate savings on energy costs. Without proper insulation your garage will become a drain on your house, either stealing warmth when it’s cold out or making it harder to keep things cool in the summer time.  For more information on upgrading your garage door, or to request a free quote, call 815-528-5034

The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing a new garage door.  There is a wide variety of styles, colors, window options, accents, and even hardware.  All of our complete new garage door installations  include take down and haul away of  existing door, all new track, hardware, and reconnection of existing operator or installation of a new opener. Please visit our photo page for before and after photos.   

Want to learn more or not sure exactly what kind of garage door you want?

No problem, we provide free in-home estimates with literature, door samples, and color chips.

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You can choose from numerous options to design the door of your dreams.

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