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We provide service for garage door repairs and we install new garage doors.

Garage door springs break for a few reasons, one of them being extreme changes in temperature.. When your garage door springs break, you will know. Not only will your door not move at all, a broken spring makes a very loud noise when it breaks. Because springs can be one of the most important parts of your door, they can also be the most dangerous and should always be replaced by a professional.  Feel free to contact us for rates or advice.  Our affordable prices include labor, spring replacement, lubrication, and a free 3 year replacement warranty on your springs. No hidden fees.

 Remember, no garage door is maintenance-free; it is recommended to clean the door and lubricate the moving parts of the door at the very minimum once a year. We provide annual tune-ups and other services that will keep your door functioning properly.  We also provide a free safety inspection with all service and repairs.

Looking for garage door opener repair or installation of a new operner? Call us, we provide free estimates!